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What is Jagtag?

Jagtag is the official identification card for IUPUI and recognizes you as an active student of the campus community. Your Jagtag has many functions and features and will be the single most important card you have!

Your Jagtag will be used to gain access into buildings, check out library books, and ride the city bus (with your S-Pass). Some of your professors will require you to swipe your Jagtag to track attendance or to take a test or quiz. You'll also use your Jagtag to print on campus and the bookstore requires it to sell your textbooks back at the end of the semester.

The most popular characteristic of your Jagtag is the ability to use it to make purchases! The Jagtag payment program was created with discounts and convenience in mind and allows students to make purchases both on and off campus. In addition, using your Jagtag for payment makes you eligible for various discounts and promotions at participating vendors!

Your Jagtag will be a vital component of your everyday campus life so it is very important to make sure to always have it with you. During your years at IUPUI, you will reach for your Jagtag for almost everything you do!

Official ID Card

Payment Card

Access Card

Meal Plan Card

Discount Card

Printing Card

Library Card

Sports/Rec Card