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How do I use my Jagtag as payment?

As a student, your Jagtag account already exists! Follow the simple steps below to begin using your Jagtag to make purchases.

Step 1
Make a Deposit! There are numerous ways to make a deposit so do your homework to find the option that best fits your needs. It's easy and remember anyone can make a deposit to your account (keep this in mind at holidays and birthdays). All they need to know is your IUPUI username.

Step 2
Now that you have money in your Jagtag account, it's time to start using it. Jagtag is accepted at over 100 locations and when you make a purchase simply give your Jagtag to the cashier. It's swiped through a reader and the amount of the purchase is instantly deducted from your account. If you don't have sufficient funds, your card will decline meaning you will never overdraw your account.

How can I manage my Jagtag account?
You can access and Manage Your Jagtag Account 24 hours a day from the Jagtag website. You will need to login with your University login and password and from here you can:

Make a deposit
Check your transaction history
Check your balance
Deactivate a lost or stolen Jagtag
Manage print allotment
Manage meal plan usage (if you purchased a Meal Plan).

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