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How can I make a deposit to my Jagtag?

Numerous deposit options are available! Take a look to see which option will work best for you!

EZ Deposit
The EZ Deposit option is a convenient way to make a deposit to your Jagtag before the start of a semester so that you will have funds available to purchase the textbooks, course materials and other items you may need. Your EZ Deposit will be billed to your BURSAR account where you can pay for it with financial aid, scholarships, grants, 529 funds or any method of payment accepted by the Bursar.

The EZ Deposit Option is available during class registration via the "Optional Fees" section and approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester from the Jagtag website. For details on the EZ Deposit option visit the
EZ Deposit FAQ.

Students, parents and guests can make a deposit from the Jagtag website to any Jagtag account 24 hours a day! All you need is the username of the student. There is a $2.50 convenience fee for all online deposits.

Add up to $15 now and pay later! Simply select Quikbuck$ , choose your amount and it will be added to your Jagtag and billed to your Bursar account! This option can only be used ONCE a semester and must be done on campus or by using a campus VPN connection.

Class Registration
Make a $50 deposit to your Jagtag account when registering for classes! It is available in the "Optional Fees" section and is billed to your Bursar account The $50 is available approximately one week prior to the start of the semester.

Jagtag Cash-to-Card Stations
Make cash deposits anytime at any of our cash-to-card machines around campus.

Jagtag Stations are conveniently located around campus in the following buildings:

University Library (UL)
Inlow Hall (IH)
Informatics & Communications Technology Center (ICTC)
Medical Library (IB)
Dental School (DS)
School of Nursing (NU)

Jagtag Office
Make a deposit over the phone, mail a check or visit us in person at the Jagtag Office. Please make sure you have the students 10 digit University ID# handy when selecting one of these options. Please note, there is NO convenience fee for making a deposit via the phone or in person at the Jagtag Office!

Please review the Jagtag Terms & Conditions prior to making a deposit to your Jagtag account